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  1. Freddy

    Drug War Is propublica Is Pushing PROPAGANDA?

    Allegations are assertions or claims that have been made, but they do not constitute proof or evidence of wrongdoing or truthfulness. It's essential to distinguish between allegations and verified facts when evaluating information, especially in news and media. PROPUBLICA is not interested...
  2. Freddy

    History The Caste System in Mexico After Spanish Colonization

    The new CASTE SYSTEM is same same but different.
  3. Freddy

    Drug War Is propublica Is Pushing PROPAGANDA?

    According to more than a dozen interviews with U.S. and Mexican officials and government documents reviewed by ProPublica. https://www.propublica.org/article/mexico-amlo-lopez-obrador-campaign-drug-cartels
  4. Freddy

    Immigration IS Elon Musk RACIST for believing in the Replacement Theory?

    Musk, having grown up “in an Afrikaner family during the racist apartheid South Africa, probably makes him afraid whites will also lose power in America. That's the kinda bizarre thinking he's feeding his followers, but I'm not surprised if he thinks like that.
  5. Freddy

    Politica de Mexico Elecciones en México: Samuel García regresa al cargo y abandona la carrera presidencial

    Samuel García, quien renunció como gobernador del estado mexicano de Nuevo León para postularse a la presidencia el próximo año, dijo que se retiraba de la carrera y regresaba al cargo para evitar ser reemplazado por un oponente.
  6. Freddy

    Lo que NO muestran las TELEVISORAS sobre Acapulco.

    I said this before: Mexico needs a one million-man strong military. if they had one, they could have had enough hands to send to that state; today, almost all of them are busy fighting criminal organizations.
  7. Freddy

    Noticias De Mexico Mexico’s Government Announces $3.4 Billion for Acapulco

    On September 29th, Hurricane Otis hit the Acapulco coastal resort and devastated the area. The damage was severe and left the city of 900,000 people stranded for days. The country's government unveiled a $3.4 billion recovery plan to assist in the reconstruction of the city. This long blog post...
  8. Freddy

    Immigration Mexico's President BLAMES U.S. Economic Sanctions Against Venezuela, Cuba, and Other Nations FOR THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION CRISIS

    Mexico's President Criticizes U.S. Economic Sanctions Against Venezuela, Cuba, and Other Nations Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has criticized the U.S. economic sanctions against Venezuela, Cuba, and other nations. The criticism came just as the first of two high-level...
  9. Freddy

    Energy Mexico’s first floating LNG plant nears completion

  10. Freddy

    Politica de Mexico Claudia Sheinbaum: Mexico’s Next President?

  11. Freddy

    Ya Valio Madres Anyone notice apple phone sofTware is making your phone not charge correctly so you can buy a new one?

    It wouldn't surprise me anymore, they've done something like this before and were caught red-handed.
  12. Chicanos move to Mexico City.. but do we like it?

    Chicanos move to Mexico City.. but do we like it?

    In 2021, we sold most of our belongings and decided to become digital nomads. We grew tired of Chicago winters, crime, American mass shootings, and set our s...

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