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  1. David

    Mariana Rodríguez and Samuel García "adopt" a baby for the weekend

  2. David

    Melba Pria, The Mexican Ambassador to India has an awesome ride
  3. David

    Police say Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez hired women to have sex and placed them on party payrolls

    The former Mexico City leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party Gutierrez resigned in 2014 following reports that his office hired women to have sex with him and placed them on party payrolls. The city prosecutors’ office said Gutierrez will be held in jail while he is tried on four...
  4. David

    León Krauze gives an inept view about the mid-term Presidential referendum in Mexico

    León Krauze gives an inept view about Mexican Politics. This is an example of lazy journalism, if you can even call it journalism. They fail to point out the reasoning behind the need for a...
  5. David

    Andres Lopez Obrador Talking about the history of Misinformation

    If you tell a lie 100 times it can be turned into truth. Mexico has a long history of having news organization pandering to corrupt politicians from the PRI AND PAN. Many Mexicans are now looking at alternative news from YOUTUBE, Turing away from the establishment media that has lost the...
  6. David

    The Sun Stone often miscalled The Aztec Calendar

    There is no doubt that the Sun, miscalled also “Aztec Calendar”, is one of the most representative pieces of our museum. It was discovered in December, 1790 during the works of leveling of the Plaza Mayor of the city. It symbolizes the conception of the time for the Mexicas; nevertheless, it did...
  7. David

    Mexican Grand Prix favorite Sergio Perez set the fastest time of the final practice Home favorite Sergio Perez of Red Bull set the fastest time of the final practice before Saturday's qualifying at the Mexican Grand Prix, edging teammate and...

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