Mexican Dallas Cowboys Isaac Alarcón confirmed to stay in for 2022


Sep 30, 2006
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Mexican Isaac Alarcón was confirmed this Tuesday by the Dallas Cowboys to stay in coach Mike McCarthy's squad for 2022.

“Alarcón has improved in his two seasons with the Cowboys. He had a good number of snaps in the 2021 preseason and will likely do the same this year. Alarcón definitely has not finished his time with the Cowboys”, was the announcement made by the team.

NFC East champion Dallas was eliminated in the NFL wild-card round by the San Francisco 49ers in a close 23-17 loss on Sunday, a loss team owner Jerry Jones called disappointing.

The 23-year-old Alarcón starred in last August's postseason games for the Cowboys against the Steelers, Cardinals, Texans and Jaguars, but was left out of the 53-player roster that faced the 2021 season.
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