The growing global reach of Mexican food


Mar 6, 2007
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Over the last decade, the reach of Mexican food and Mexican restaurants has grown globally thanks to its popularity and social media.
Why it matters: Mexican food, with its diverse cuisine from different regions of the country, has always adapted wherever people from the diaspora land, but the foods' latest evolutions are giving clues about Mexican global migration.

  • Mexican food trucks have been spotted in Berlin, while Tokyo has seen a jump in fusion Mexican restaurants.
  • The food arrival coincides with new Latino American migration to areas like London's Elephant and Castle, where Latinos are starting businesses in places where they previously have not been.
Yes, but: Sometimes restaurants and food enthusiasts don't have access to traditional ingredients, cheese or meats.

  • Restaurants must improvise with other local cuisines or those from other nearby immigrants, giving birth to new foods, José R. Ralat, taco editor at Texas Monthly, told Axios.
  • "This is the story of Mexican food. It evolves and shapeshifts."

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