Mexico’s Natural Gas Dilemma

Mexico has an estimated 17 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of proven natural gas reserves, but it imports more than 70% of its gas needs from abroad, and 90% of those purchases come from the United States. Like some have pointed out, Mexico leaves a lot of money on the table that could be otherwise gained by producing the resource. But with cheap gas from Texas being abundant at the moment, it doesn’t make sense for them to currently change that posture of buying from TEXAS.

Even with Mexico’s lack of exploration of natural gas, Mexico still looks to become a major transit point for American LNG, with companies like Total Energies and Sempra making deals to expand LNG in Mexico, to source Permian natural gas. Mexico also plans it’s own LNG Terminals, Noticias De Mexico: Mexico plans three gas liquefaction facilities.

Alfredo Jalife is an exemplary example of Pro Mexican Citizen

Alfredo Jalife-Rahme is an example of a Mexican that holds Mexico’s interest at heart, therefor we believe that exemplary example of Pro Mexican citizen. We believe he has shown a continues affection for his country, be it in a political discourse that pushes Mexican interest first.

Mexican Cultural Institute Has White People representing Mexicans

Mexican Cultural Institute

We did a previous post regrading cultural appropriation by White Mexicans that are not indigenous to Mexico. this time Mexico’s own Government has decided to have White people as the representation of Mexicans and its culture at the Mexican Cultural Institute in D.C.

This doesn’t help with the elitist stance against indigenous Mexicans and old and tired light-skin is better trope in Mexico. White Mexicans make up a small percentage of the population in Mexico but are overly representative in all parts of the Mexican Government and the overall Media in Mexico.

Mexico’s Future Prospects Look Bright with New Mega Train Infrastructure

Mexico is investing Billions and betting big on train projects. These are Mexico’s Projects currently under construction in Mexico. Mexico’s current President believes in these projects that he is pushing hard to make sure these megaprojects are done correctly and on time.

The Tren Maya


Mexico Tren Maya is Perhaps the most anticipated train project by both domestic and foreign tourists.

The Tren Maya (sometimes also Mayan Train or Maya Train) is an 1,525-kilometre (948 mi) intercity railway in Mexico that will traverse the Yucatán Peninsula; construction began in June 2020. The railway begins in Palenque in Chiapas and travels northeast towards Cancún in Quintana Roo via two routes that encircle the peninsula. Mexico’s Maya train project aims to connect tourist destinations in the Yucatán, including historic Mayan sites from which it derives its name. The trains will be built in Mexico but are from a foreign consortium.

Countries South of Mexico’s border have also shown an interest in the”Mayan train project. ” Some Economists have suggested that The Tren Maya will help contribute to Mexicos overall GDP growth. The Mexican economy is”hugely dependent on the travel industry, this project will only help to solidify that stance.

The Isthmus of Tehuantepec Train Project or The Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (CIIT) 

Mexico’s Own Panama Canal.

According to Eric Watkins from, The Isthmus Corridor is part of the larger Tehuantepec Isthmus program, a development project carried out by the Mexican government. The scope of the project means it should be able to rival the Panama Canal.


The Salina Cruz rail project is expected to help facilitate Mexico’s LNG exports ambitions, as it would connect Salina Cruz to one of Mexico’s biggest offshore oilfields.

The Project is also expected to garner some of the traffic from the Panama Canal. AMLO’s plan calls for a business-friendly zone and also wants to extend it to the entire territory of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Guerrero.

Then Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo once said “a transportation corridor project is far from being a reality and that concerns are premature”. But the then transportation ministry did commission a feasibility study on the corridor at the time. and it helped push the ball into AMLO’s direction.

The Isthmus project has been planned as a multimodal infrastructural network; the modernization of the existing railroad is only 20 billion pesos (1 billion dollars) of that total.

Pati Jinich & The Mexican Cultural Appropriation

The appropriation of Culture in the West is not anything new. But Why does the Western media always showcase those doing the appropriation of Culture rather than those that are Indigenous to it? The west will showcase a white person cooking Mexican food every day even on Sunday, and never a Dark Skinned Mexican.

Pati Jinich has been featured on PBS. she was born in Mexico, but She is not Indigenous or even mestizo. yet, Through her connections, she became the resident chef of the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C.

This would be akin to a white person born in America becoming an ambassador of black Soul food.