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  • Instead of to the choker aka Lebron james ha ha i agree; although howard needs more offense fire power to add to that arsenal of his.
    Yea i guess we'll have to wait and find out if they can get the job done in phx. I think 4 - 1

    Yea orlando needs some contributions from more players and play like a damn team if they want to win this series which yes history says NOPE ha ha. Orlando might win 1 more but Boston will close em out in Boston Game 6.
    Yea i think they do have a good shot at evening up this series but i don't think Stoudemire will put up 42 again; someone else like JRich will have to step it up with a solid 20 pts at least. Grant Hill i must say is still playin well at 35 plus years of age ha ha poor guy though man i think he could of been a solid player if it weren't for all his injuries.

    Heard Bynum isn't getting surgery so i doubt they'll win the championship; Gasol can't cover up all the paint by himself.

    Yea howard was a 1 man wreckin' crew ha ha I've noticed Rondo is such a lil pussy when he drives in and howard contests his lil tear drops rondo jus chucks it up there LOL.

    Carter and Lewis need to step it up if they want a solid chance at beating them the rest of the series; i also liked Bass off the bench Stan finally decided to throw him in there he was solid swatting pierce nicely.
    Lol you know Riley will can him and step in to guide wade to a nice ring perhaps next season.

    Yea stoudemire threw up 42 yesterday made gasol look like a fool; i'm telling you without a healthy Bynum they won't get past the Celtics i dont think. Gasol can't control the paint by himself, and Odom isn't producing much off the bench.

    Yea i totally thought Lebron was going to send em packin' but he failed big time; and Orlando is looking like the Hawks how did they get into the playoffs? HA HA they're playing like trash totallly getting out hustled on both ends of the court.
    Naw i doubt wade is, he's stayin' put waiting for Riley

    I think wade and stoudemire would be better opposed to Bosh; i think amare's an overall better player plus his D is coming along finally a bit

    Yea lakers and cetlics i think damn idk i think it'll be one for the ages; i can see a good 7 game series. But i think Artest would make the difference as Kobe was constantly harassed last time by both Pierce and Ray Allen. I think Kobe has a better overall cast heading into the finals which it looks like. But Bynum's pussy ass should of got surgery after the thunder series. They didn't even need bynum in the sweep against Utah i observed Gasol handled the paint

    Yea howard blows lol i think Olajuwon was one of my fav all time centers he had such great footwork for a big man

    LOL vince is there to win right? thats why they didn't resign Turkoglu and picked him up in a trade lol when he missed 2 crucial Free Throws in the winding seconds of Game 2 HA HA ridiculous what a choker
    Orlando looks flat; i guess howard had a monster game with what 30 pts or so. But no one else contributed Rash Lewis only had 5 pts i saw he needs to step it up if they want to get past the veteran celtics.

    But i think howard is a bit overrated as he has no post up game or jumper; he seems like he's all dunk to me but don't get me wrong he's the best shot blocker in the game right now and is as athletic as a SF in some ways. I just think he needs to add more to his offensive game if he wants to become unstoppable which he's highly capable of accomplishing
    Yea so you think D wade is leaving Miami therefore? Yea if riley comes back he'll turn that team upside down ha ha for the better though and maybe try to win another championship for them. He's one of the best masterminds to ever rock the suit and tie.

    Yea wade and bron would be unimagineable but i doubt bron would hook up with him because he would want to be the leader or the main guy the offense runs through. Yea lebron i think is trying too hard to be the best and win a ring; i think it's really getting to him mentally because everyone considers him the best player in the leauge now.

    I don't see wade in ny though they don't have many pieces right now they're weak all around. i think NJ has much better pieces than NY starting with the all star pg devin harris the mavs lost in a ridiculous trade. They shipped him off when he was about to hit his prime.
    Ha ha i got that gut feelin' he's headed to Chicago him and Rose would be a solid combo. Him and wade would not work out i don't think as both are scorers and demand the ball; unless they just both wanted that ring and were fine with one guy gettin' more looks than the other but i don't think it'd work out eventhough that'd be a killer combo with dwade and bron bron.

    Yea i'm not sure i just thought i heard him say he's part british but he's canadian i've heard to.

    I have to root for the only Cali team so i'm pulling for the Lakers ha ha eventhough i don't think they can win it all without a healhty Bynum and contributing Lamaw Odom as well as productive ron artest who's only been playing defense i'd like to see him score a little more at least a solid 15 pts or so.

    Yea Orlando and Phx would both be runnin' up n down as well as shooting that 3 ball not much defense but it would be a fun series to watch though i think as well. Stoudemire i thought wants to head out to Miami?
    Yea i thought i heard him say he's part British man idk i could be incorrect perhaps i am. Yawp bye bye Lebron and Cavs; Celtics took care of them tonight alright. He played a bit better with over 20 points and almost 20 boards but he had 9 turnovers if im not mistaken.

    Yea i was shocked to be honest with you man i thought the cavs would be playing the Magic, i bet the front office is reallly stunned as they all thought lerbon would finally get his ring this year with all the new faces they brought in. Jamison was horrible, Gawnett whooped that ass through out the whole series.

    The girls always more important than the game though so its all good man ha ha; had a nice lil dinner with the gal? You stay out in FLA right

    Shaq wanted to win a ring for the king? lol maybe next year if LJ is still in Cle
    Yea they seem unstoppable and ATL's onlly making them look like Soldiers of God ha ha. We'll see though it'd be a solid 7 games series i think if the Cavs can 1st get past the old Celts.

    Lol i tuned into that as well, Nash being British born out in South Africa if i'm not mistaken. He's all about equality and peace from my own perspective of him. Yea and how it'd create Stereotyping as well; pretty screwed up deal out there in AZ i've been thinking they might attempt to branch this out across the country perhaps.
    Indeed it is too bad he won't ever be better than MJ imo because he won't ever have as good of a shot as Jordan once did back in the day. Lol i wouldn't be surprised if he goes bald around 30 the way he's focused on destroying all of these nba records. Break his arm i think Perkins was attempting to do so the other night lol that beast.

    Eh i don't think so i can picture the Magic whoopin' that Cav ass once again repeating what they did last year to them, we'll see though if they match up i think Shaq can throw howard that big body they were missing last year as D12 squashed both Varejao and Z, and controlled the paint and remained dominant through out the series.

    To be honest with ya i think Wade would of surpassed Lebron if he had a solid 3 or 4 more inches of height and a few more lbs, he already has a way better shot than Lebron maybe even Kobe or about the same as Kobe.
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